Spud Sculpting

I am really fortunate that I get to play with my food, even as an adult. The even better part of playing with my food is that I get paid to do it.  Being a food stylist in Idaho gives me ample opportunity to sculpt many a bowl of mashed potatoes. Once in a while I get to the freedom to do something really creative.

One of my clients is Idahoan Foods. Check out their website at www.idhoanfoods.com for great recipes with photos. While you are visiting the site, click on the link to “lil’ spudz kids club”. You’ll see my favorite “spud snowman”, with the directions on how I made him. This little guy took on a personality all his own the minute I put on his cucumber mouth. He won the hearts of Idahoan and they put him on their Christmas card last year. Every time I look at him he makes me smile. What kid at any age wouldn’t want to make him and eat him up?

My talented son-in law sculpted a dimetrodon, a stegosaurus and adorable hedgehogs with Idahoan hash browns for hair. We worked together to create a complete organic landscape for each one.

Growing up, my five siblings and I did the dinner dishes. Sundays were mashed potatoes night.  We often had contests to see who could spoon up a bit of leftover mashed potatoes out of the bowl, and flip it on the window from a distance to make the best ‘splat’. With five of us, the window became covered in a short time. The trick was to get it cleaned up before we were discovered.

Sculpting critters is so much more fun than making potato splats. Good thing I’m still a big kid and I’m still playing with my food. Stay tuned for more creative spud sculptures!

photos by Welsh Studios


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