Of Pies and Men

Of Pies and Men

This past August in the cool, quiet mornings, I picked buckets full of blackberries. My freezer is full of theses deep purple bumpy orbs ready for the cold months ahead to put in smoothies, and especially pies. We recently had a triple birthday celebration for my oldest son, 39, youngest son, 19, and newest grandson (10 days old). Pies were my birthday dessert of choice when I was growing up, and the tradition carries on. My 19 year old son rolled out the pie crust and proceeded to create his manly mans’ version of the pie vent on the top crust. The last time he helped, he carved a Chevy truck emblem on the top, but this time he gave it an even bigger statement. He asked me recently why none of his sisters wanted to follow in my footsteps to become a food stylist. I responded, “patience I guess”. One of my girls actually said, “Mom, I have seen how hard you work and the long days…. I don’t want to work that hard”. After seeing my son’s painstaking efforts on these pies, I told him there are plenty of cool guys who are food stylists and there was still hope for him. This is our favorite pie crust and triple berry pie recipe, improved upon with a manly touch: I love it!

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