Our Favorite Places to Eat Breakfast in Laguna Beach


Our favorite places to eat breakfast in Laguna Beach. Its one of those places that’s tucked away, casual, the food is always consistent, and the best indicator of a great place…it’s where the locals go.

Our getaways are not complete without a serving of oatmeal with fresh strawberries with orange zest, dried cherry nut topping, big cubes of brown sugar and foamy steamed milk, or a sunrise orange juice that is simply fresh squeezed with raspberry syrup that slowly swirls down through the  juice creating a beautiful ‘sunrise’ experience. Even their poached eggs are perfect. It took me several visits and several orders of the oatmeal with the “Dried Cherry Nut Topping” to finally figure out the recipe and it has become a family staple. Here it is, and be prepared to snack on it all day! And, if you are ever in Laguna…it’s a must visit and it’s great for a sit down on the patio, or take out from the Zinc deli next door for breakfast or lunch.


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