“All through the years working together….from weddings to cooking classes, Rebecca added the calm air of extraordinary talent, professionalism and competence with positive inspiration, a smile and laughter. No matter the project…how little or big… Rebecca always achieved an outcome that was so much more than I ever dreamed.

A joy to be around!”

Mary Pat Joseph

“Rebecca is a genius at interpreting our brand. I will go to her with a vision and she paints the picture. She has taken our “look” to a whole new level.”

Karen Spitzer Clark

Communications Manager

Idahoan Foods, LLC

Rebecca is a true professional in every sense of the word. Not only does she understand the fundamentals of cookery, she is able to combine this expertise in producing images that are creative, yet meet her clients’ requests. Rebecca is always prepared in the kitchen and brings a combination of calmness and seriousness to each shoot. She has been a true delight to work with for almost a solid decade.

Kristin Thornton


K.M.Thornton & Co., llc

I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca for over 20 years. Not only is she a true professional but she is inspirational, crazy creative and a joy to collaborate with. She works amazingly hard but always finds a way to keep it fun. I look forward to the photo sessions that include Rebecca (and luckily, that’s most of them!)


linda whittig l director, creative team + sophisticated with nutty overtones