Beehive Cakes

Behind The Scenes with a Food Stylist

Beehive Cakes

Beehive Cakes

Here is a good example of a photo set up: These Beehive cakes were one of many recipes for the Honey Board. Recipes are often submitted by chefs, or other professionals and the winning recipes are selected to be photographed for website and other publications.

Setting up:

*We had a painted mural in the background to project the feeling it was outside.

*We set up close to a window for the natural light.

*We had a honey pot or jar in each shot to showcase the recipe used HONEY. It was super fun hunting for different honey jars so we had a variety to choose from.

*The mural and the lighting doesn’t look like much until the photographer adds his expertise and softens the background…pretty dramatic difference.

Beehive Cakes_006

You can see my tray underneath the table. It is equipped with q-tips, tweezers, tiny spoons, brushes, etc. The three little ramekins have glass cleaner, for cleaning up spots or spills on the plate, water to brush on food to keep things moist, and oil if needed.

(Not needed for this shot though).  I use lots of small squares of paper towel for clean up when needed. You can see my torch on the floor that I used for the previous shot that was used to add glisten to the cooked meat and give it the appearance that is was fresh off the grill.

I made several of these cakes in advance and added the frosting on site, and selected a few that were perfect and complimented each other. The set was simple, but the end result is beautiful. It’s all in the details. And the cakes tasted like a gourmet Twinkie. YUM

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